RealBook plugin

is a small plugin working with jQuery for any personn who want to display their visitors a clean and functionnal virtual book.

Display a virtual book, flip pages on any device and nsert rich content to make more fun to read.

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Simple to install. Copy the files and some line of script. You only need to add a recent version of jQuery to run the plugin.
Put anything in the book : Text, pictures, animations, embeded videos, ...
Great compatibility with the major browsers. Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
Compatible and tested on mobile devices and tablets.
Multiple themes and easy personalization with CSS.
Multiple book on the same page.
Navigation buttons and toolbar. Possible to navigate with the keyboard
Navigation links inside the content.
Automatic page break for big content.



the simple one

An example of how you can get the RealBook plugin to work the simplest way with almost all parameters left to default.

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the advanced one

An example of a personalized RealBook with use of theme, rich content and inner navigation. With a little imagination, you can create a great and interactive book.

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Big content

the big one

You have a lot of content to display in your virtual book ? The RealBook plugin can help you by defining itself when to create a new page so that your content fits ideally.

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Here's the list of possible options.
Option name Description Default
container When the book should be create in an existing <div>, set this option to his selector. If left to null, the book is added into the content container. null
height The height in px for the book. If you are using an existing container width his size defined, set this option to 0. 400
width The width in px for the book (we talk about the global width including the 2 pages). If you are using an existing container width his size defined, set this option to 0. 600
selector The page selector. You can give any jQuery selector to fetch the childrens inside the content to define the pages. div
firstIsCover A boolean option to define if the first page is the cover. In other words, if the first page is odd or even. true
onPageLoad The callback function fired every time the current pages are loaded. After initialization and after each page turn.

It gives 3 parameters : $odd : the current odd page jQuery object, $even : the current even page jQuery object and $container : the RealBook container jQuery object.

For example, you can use an anonymous function this way:

    onPageLoad : function($odd, $even, $container){
        do your stuff here
background The pages background color. If you want to use the background defined in your theme stylesheet, set this option to '' (an empty string). '#f3f3f3'
containerBackground The RealBook container background color. If you want to use the background defined in your theme stylesheet, set this option to '' (an empty string). white
distance The distance in pixel to drag before starting the flip animation. It prevent strange behavior when just clicking on a link inside the book. 15
duration The duration in miliseconds for the animations. It includes the animation when you release the page and when you click on the navigation buttons. 500
helpText The text to show in the help popup. Accepts a string. Click and drag the pages to turn.
showHelpAtStart Should the plugin show the help popup at the start or not. Accepts true or false true
showToolbar Display the toolbar at the bottom or not. Accepts true or false true
sideNavigation Display navigation buttons at the left and right of the book or not. Accepts true or false true
scrollDistance The value in pixels for scrolling the navigation inside the toolbar. It's only used when there is a large number of pages. 50
enableKeyboard Enable or not the keyboard navigation. Warning If the page has multiple books, the use of keyboard navigation will turn the page in all books. false
theme The theme name. If you want to use on of the provided themes or created your own, set here the theme name. It should be the same as the class user in the stylesheet as the plugin adds this to the container classes. default
automaticPageBreak Enable the "automaticPageBreak" function. If your book has long content and many pages, it can split the content at the bottom of each page so that the content doesnt overflow false

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What comes with the plugin ?
  • Development and compressed plugin and css files.
  • Dark and 'notes' themes.
  • Documentation in english and french.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Every new versions as they will be published.
  • Buy it once and use it as often as you want. Unlimited domains and pages.

Price: 29€


v1.1.0 - 2013/02/11 / Latest stable
  • Added automaticPageBreak
  • Various corrections and optimizations
v1.0.0 - 2013/02/08
  • Changed themes
  • Various corrections
v0.1.1 - 2013/01/23 (beta version)
  • Added themes
  • Added side navigation buttons
  • Added toolbar
  • Added keyboard navigation
  • Various corrections
v0.1.0 - 2013/01/15
  • First version